Maritime Security Exchange

Building Partnerships for Security, Stability, and Prosperity

The sea never changes - it forges the life-lines of nations.*


AUGUST 2nd, 2024

in Honolulu

"Strengthening  partnerships through collaborative maritime logistics."

Maritime security in the Indo-Pacific region depends upon the presence of credible forces to ensure the maintenance of accepted rules-based order as outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea as well as various Regional Fisheries Management Organizations. These forces require comprehensive logistic support involving the acquisition, storage, maintenance, and movement of goods needed to sustain a forward presence and conduct operations away from their home ports and domiciles.

IMSE 2024 will explore opportunities for all nations to participate and benefit from the logistic support of maritime forces operating in the region.  Examples include short term availability periods in foreign shipyards to include repair and scheduled maintenance, storage and upkeep of pre-positioned equipment and supplies, and afloat medical staff available for contingencies and support for local populations.

We Want to Hear From You!

IMSE is soliciting input from government, industry, academia, and NGOs in the Indo-Pacific region. We are looking for speakers, papers, and sponsors for next year’s conference. Virtual participation for IMSE 2024 via pre-recorded presentations  is encouraged as the conference will be broadcast as a webinar.

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